Beetroot Quinoa Burger With Oven Baked Potato Sliders
By Chef Lotte of Skarabo Life
Tuesday, October 20
12:00 to 19:00
1 Burger - €9
2 Burgers - €15
4 Burgers - €27
Lotte's "Mindful Meals" will have you appreciating plant-based food concepts in a whole new way. With a heavy focus on local, in-season, and package-free, expect only the highest quality ingredients
  • Fighting Food Waste!
    We Buy Only What We Will Use
    Must Order By 11:00
  • Wrapped In Paper
    Bring Your Own Bag
  • Included
    Ove Baked Potatoes
Provided by KitchCoLab's:
Skarabo Life
Lotte is passionate about providing a balanced experience of beautiful, tasty, and nutritious food that is good for you, AND the planet!
PickUp Location:
Sandhi House
Largo Santa Marta 14,
2655-357, Ericeira

Talented chefs displaced by COVID-19 collaborating to turn empty kitchens into laboratories producing new food concepts good for you and the planet.
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  • Great Food Is Baseline
    Tasty, nutritious, beautiful food made with love.
  • Balance
    Using organic, local, and non processed food as much as possible.
  • UpCycle
    Separate, save and transport food scraps to compost areas to feed the next round of vegetable production.
  • Energy Control
    Unplug unused kitchen tools, don't leave appliances on longer than necessary, and use natural heating methods when possible.
  • Impact Reporting
    Must identify for each use of the kitchen an overview of sustainability practices used. From what products were package free to where you left your food scraps to be composted.
How We Work
Focused on sustainable practices and collaborative efforts to create tasty, beautiful, and nutritious food that is good for you AND the planet!
  • Reservation Focused
    To prevent food waste, our chefs only buy what they will use!

    For this reason, we focus on themed activities, events, and workshops at the locations where we rent kitchens.

    We hire our chefs to cater for these events; reservations must be in at 18:00 the day before the event.
  • Pick-Up & Delivery
    Chefs preparing food for our events will also prepare food for pick-up & delivery on event day.

    Again, to fight food waste, all orders must be made the day before by 18:00.
  • Sustainability Certificate
    Any company choosing KitchCoLab to cater for lunches, events, etc. will receive a Sustainability Certificate.

    It will report all the efforts & practices invested by our cooks to produce your meals. From composting food scraps to what local farmers they supported by purchasing local.

    Great to strengthen your Corporate Social Responsibility, and support efforts to reduce the impact of Covid-19 on the local economy.
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