Richard Kappel

I help people and teams confront challenges.
Problem Solving
I have organized and led numerous design thinking workshops for groups and individuals.

While generating ideas comes naturally to me, I recognize that implementation is just as important.

My approach centers on co-creating solutions with stakeholders and ensuring their effective adoption through strategic exercises.
  • Filipa Carreira
    Founder / Executive Director at Wamina
    "Before we met, I had decided to close my social enterprise, giving up on a 4-year dream. Six months after my initial encounter with Richard, I celebrated my most profitable and rewarding year yet!"
My name is Richard, and I'm so grateful for the life I've lived. I believe in humans, in our innate altruism, capacity to love, create, and collaborate.

I value my time tremendously and utilize it to spread good humor and be a loving contributor to my local and global community as much as possible.

We are easily influenced and have habits that can have a negative impact on our reality, but we can develop mindsets and customs that break us free from old thinking and behaviors.

I know, because I did it myself, and I'm excited to share what worked well for me and add value to your journey.
Many of my friends have expressed a deep appreciation for me helping them with their businesses and other personal obstacles in their lives.

Many have encouraged me to continue guiding others.

This expression of gratitude inspired me to focus on what I do now for a living: helping people and business confront challenges.
Free Discovery Session
Let's talk! We will swap stories and feel each other's vibe, and figure out if this is a good fit for both of us.
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