"I create vibrant, vegetarian food for a slow and mindful life. And KitchCoLab is a way for me to bring my love onto your plate and table."


Hi I'm Anna!

Food has always been my way to show love. Sharing a homemade meal, having a meaningful conversation over the dinner table, enjoying what the earth gave us and bringing to life beautiful produce mindfully is what makes my heart skip a beat!

I also share my love for simple recipes and slow cooking on my food blog The Mellow Kitchn (www.themellowkitchn.com).

This is my gift to the world and I share it with the deepest hope to inspire you to cook deliciously healthy meals for you and your loved ones.
At the same time I want to show you how easy it is to take good care of yourself and the planet's health and wellbeing. We are one people, on only one planet.
What I Do
I serve you well-balanced vegetarian meals, often plant-based, highlighting the beauty of local and seasonal produce. I can do anything from private dinner parties for two up to buffet-style catering for up to 30 people.

Whatever your needs are, let's talk and find a solution.
Food Photography
Whether it's for your event or your product or service, I love to capture food related pictures and can provide you with an array of photographs to use for your social media communication, homepage or promotional usage.

I'm also happy to collaborate on social media and to offer promotion on my social media channel @themellowkitchn
I love to share my knowledge of sustainable cooking and healthy eating. With my culinary school and teaching background I'm able to strike the right tone between educating and making cooking fun and approachable.

If you have an idea of what you would like to focus on, reach out and let's have a conversation about it. I'm here for you!
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